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The owner and operator of the web presentation at the domain www.outdoordevelopment.cz is Petr Vališ – Outdoor Development, with the seat in Janovská 398, 109 00 Praha 10, Česká republika, which is in accordance with the provisions of § 12 and subsequent law nr. 121/2000 of the Sb.copyright Act, within the meaning of later regulations (hereafter only "Copyright Act"), is the exclusive warrantee of the so called property rights concerning this website, especially of the rights to use this website (hereafter only "Operator").

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The website www.outdoordevelopment.cz is created with maximum effort to be accessible to all users.

All pages follow the accessibility guidelines of MICR Best Practice MICR (Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, WCAG 1.0 with emphasis to the priority 1 rules, and the Blind Friendly Web guidelines of SONS (Czech Blind United).

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The content of the presentation is created in the markup language XHTML 1.0 Strict, the visual aspect of the presentation, on the other hand, was created using cascading style sheets (CSS 2).

A printing style has been assigned to the website so that it can be printed without any restrictions using standard devices.


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The corporate presentation of Petr Vališ – Outdoor Development was created by Nux s.r.o. If you have any queries about the accessibility of both the content and the functionality of the website feel free to contact the authors at info@nux.cz.